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With more than 15 years of experience, iombudsman is one of the leading credit institutions in New Zealand. Directly and closely, we offer our customers Quick loans at very good Interest Rates. Read everything about us, our services and our history here.

Why Choose Iombudsman?

Iombudsman provide Quick Loans NZ service which will help you get your personal or company financing from $1,000 to $20,000 that you really need easily, with 60 minute approval periods (during business hours) to access your money on the same day.

We're the responsible lender
60-minute loan clearance
Easy Online Process
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What We Are Good At

The Internet provides the best available way of connecting directly with our clients. That’s why we represent our consumers nearly entirely on the Internet. This gives you a range of benefits.

  • Calculate the debt anonymously and without obligation.
  • Take a call on your loan request online in less than 30 seconds.
  • Fill out your loan application with a few entries in no time.
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beneficiary loans
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Clients Testimonials

The application process was fast and simple. In a short time, I had the money I wanted to make some much-needed changes around the building.
Emma Doe
Company CEO
I used the ombudsman to help me merge my credit cards. The service was fantastic, quick but always polite. My credit cards are now being paid off, and I have just one bill, with a low-rate loan. Oh, thank you.
Tom Ford
Loan processing was very quick and uncomplicated. My contact with the staff at Iombudsman was always very friendly. Thanks a lot for this !
Marta Stewart
VP Sales and Marketing

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